Collegiate Week 2002

PowerPoint Presentation:

Using Technology in Ministry


bullet Listserve Software
bullet injesus.com
bullet YahooGroups
bullet Lyris
bullet Mailman (linux)
bullet Information about SPAM
bullet SpamCop.net
bullet Fight Spam on the Internet
bullet Definition:

2.1) What is Spam? (article taken from here)

It's a luncheon meat, kinda pink, comes in a can, made by Hormel. Most Americans intuitively, viscerally associate "Spam" with "no nutritive or aesthetic value," though it is still relatively popular (especially in Hawaii) and can be found in almost any grocery store.) The canned luncheon meat has its own newsgroup, alt.spam.

The term "spam," as used on this newsgroup, means "the same article (or essentially the same article) posted an unacceptably high number of times to one or more newsgroups." CONTENT IS IRRELEVANT. 'Spam' doesn't mean "ads." It doesn't mean "abuse." It doesn't mean "posts whose content I object to." Spam is a funky name for a phenomenon that can be measured pretty objectively: did that post appear X times? (See 3.1, "Yeah, but how many is X?')

There have been "customized" spams where each post made some effort to apply to each individual newsgroup, but the general thrust of each article was the same. A huge straw poll on news.admin.policy, news.admin.misc, and alt.current-events.net-abuse (December 1994) showed that as many of 90% of the readers felt that cancellations for these posts were justified. So, simply put: if you plan to post the same or extremely similar messages to dozens of newsgroups, the posts are probably going to get cancelled.

bullet Anti-Virus Software:
bullet Norton Anti-Virus
bullet McAffee
bullet Pc-Cillin
bullet Trendmicro.com Online Scan
bullet Database Software
bullet Microsoft Access
bullet Paradox (In WordPerfect Office Suite: Professional or Academic Versions)
bullet Lotus Approach
bullet Servant Keeper Software
bullet Church Membership System
bullet Membership Plus
bullet Linux Links
bullet Distributions (Just a few...go to Linux.org and start looking, there are hundreds!!!)
bullet Linux.org
bullet RedHat.com (I use this one)
bullet Cladara Systems
bullet Debian
bullet Lindows
bullet Mandrake
bullet Slackware
bullet SuSE (I have used this one too, it's also very good)
bullet Samba.org
bullet Presentation Software
bullet Microsoft PowerPoint




bullet SongScreen
bullet Song Show (CCLI online store)
bullet CCLI Website
bullet Websites
bullet Start at student.org for some links to other BCMs, BSUs, BSMs, etc.


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