An informal meeting of several of the members of the About.com
Motorcycles Forum
"somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway" was
first discussed in late 2001.  The plan was to meet over a weekend, and
ride a portion of the Parkway... and it was determined that Wytheville, VA
(near the intersection of I-81 and I-77) would be an approximate midway
point between riders coming from northern Ohio and northern Georgia. 
Casual discussion of these "loose" plans during a chat session of the
Forum members prompted several others to ask if they might be
included... and their interest and attendance was enthusiastically
encouraged!  A date was selected (the last weekend in June 2002) and
contact was made with a motel in the area to reserve a group of rooms. 

We participated in the 2nd Annual BuRP rally held in July, 2003


The original ride was (for lack of a better name) called the BRP
Ride/Social, since it was held along the Blue Ridge Parkway. 
Somehow, in sharing the photos taken at the ride and cementing the
friendships made... and discussing the possibility of making it an annual
event...  the "title" evolved into the "BuRP RALLY" following a
nonsensical play on the original BRP name.  Somehow... it just "stuck!"


2004 by Edward Braithwaite III